Yoga Classes

Open Group Classes (for adults) – Rooftop Yoga Singapore


Location: Level 3, Rooftop Garden,  myVillage @ Serangoon Gardens

Address: 1 Maju Avenue, Singapore 556679

Time: Wednesdays 7pm – 8pm, Sundays 7am – 8am, and Sundays 8am – 9am

Refer to for more details!

Private Yoga Classes (1 to 1 / small group – up to 6 pax)

Private classes (1 to 1 or small group) are perfect for people who find it hard to cope in regular studio/big group classes. You will get individualised attention during lessons, and I will be able to cater the lessons to your abilities, interests, fitness goals, or even medical needs (if you have any). You may find that these sessions are more meaningful because you get to learn more about the poses or yoga philosophy, which may not be explained much in big group classes.

Venue will be at your choice of location (e.g. home or function room).

Email for enquires or rates.

Kids Yoga Classes

Kids face increasingly more stress these days as a result from increased competition and pressure to perform well in school (studies, CCA etc). In kids yoga classes, children are encouraged to explore their creativity and be imaginative. Yoga poses will be tied in with games to make the class interesting for the children. The kids will develop better posture, greater awareness of their own bodies, and gain more strength and flexibility. Mindfulness and relaxation activities will also be incorporated in the class and the children will learn how to better manage their emotions and stress.

Kids yoga classes are designed for 3 to 12 years olds. Individual (1 to 1) or private group classes available. Venue will be at your choice of location.

Email for enquires or to set up a discussion.

Corporate Classes

Many of us work long hours, hunching over our computers or laptops, and more often than not, sitting or standing in poor postures. In addition, we live in this world where there are constant deadlines and demands from customers, resulting in high level of stress. These can affect employees’ physical and mental health, and in turn affect their productivity and effectiveness at work.

Incorporating yoga into workplace is a good way to help improve the health and wellness of your employees. Besides becoming more physically fit, yoga programs at workplace can help to teach employees to reduce and manage their stress level and tension.

Some benefits of workplace yoga programs:

  1. Less stress-related sick occurrences, or work-related injuries from repetitive motion (e.g. carpal tunnel).
  2. Relief of head, neck or back strain as a result of poor sitting postures at work.
  3. Improved concentration and alertness of employees, and as a result, employees are more productive at work.
  4. Improved general well-being of employees. Happier employees!

Types of yoga programs / workshops available:

  1. Regular weekly yoga classes (30-min/45-min quick lunch time yoga or 1-hr classes)
  2. Ad-hoc team-building yoga class
  3. Specific workshops (e.g. Yoga at Office Desk, Yoga for Back Pain, Preventing Wrist Pain & Back Pain at Workplace, Workplace Safety). Workshops are typically 1 to 1.5 hour long, with short presentation, yoga demonstrations & participations from students.

All corporate yoga classes/programs or workshops can be catered to your needs. Rates vary accordingly. Email for enquires or to set up a discussion.

Studio Yoga Classes

Join me for studio yoga classes (Flow Yoga, Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga, Kids Yoga) at OhmSantih Yoga Singapore at Jalan Kayu. You can download the OhmSantih Yoga app on your phone or click here for my teaching schedule! You can call or email them to book a mat!

I am also teaching Ki Grounding & Ki Stretch at Ki Yoga at Serangoon Gardens. Check their website for my teaching schedule. You can sign up for their 2 class trial package for $40 to try the classes.

Do note that for studio classes, all bookings and payments have to be done through the respective studios.

Karma Yoga

I am always looking for opportunities to share yoga with various communities in Singapore. Email me for collaborations!

2 thoughts on “Yoga Classes

  1. Hi I m keen to attend the yoga class at Serangoon garden rooftop .
    May I know what’s the fees like n is there still availability ?
    Also besides Serangoon garden where are the venues u conduct ur classes ?
    I thinking of placing my 4 years old in yoga class. I stays near Serangoon garden n Kovan .


  2. Hi Jean! Sorry for the late reply.
    You can refer to for more details of the rooftop yoga. First time trial will be $12/pax. Classes are on every Wed 7pm and Sun 8am, unless it rains.

    For kids yoga, it will be a studio class at Kampong Glam area, near Bugis. You can refer to for the details.

    Do let me know if you have any other questions!



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